SBT Seabuckthorn oils are all USDA Organic.

  • Seabuckthorn is grown without pesticides or herbicides.
  • The berries are picked and brought to the factory with 48 hours.
  • The berries are cleaned and washed and tested for contaminants.
  • The berries are crushed and the seeds are separated from the fruit pulp.
  • The seeds are cleaned and crushed.
  • The seeds are put through a supercritical C02 extraction process to protect valuable phytochemicals.
  • The fruit oil is extracted by centrifuge.
  • All SBT Seabuckthorn seed and fruit oils are 100% pure: they have no additives. You will find the same USDA Organic seabuckthorn oils in other SBT Seabuckthorn products.